Народный ансамбль музыки, танца и песни "РЭЙ"  

Tours: 2.08 - 16.08.2010 The international Folk Dance Festival of Extremadura - Caceres - Spain

17.08 - 22.08.2010 The international Folk Dance Festival of Haguenau - France

Matusevicha str., 17-60,
220082, Minsk, Belarus
+375 (172) 55 90 04
+375 (297) 55 90 04
E-mail: group_rey@tut.by
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Folk dance, sound and music company "REY"   Folk dance, sound and music company "REY"   Folk dance, sound and music company "REY"

Right in the center of Europe, neighboring Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia there lies a wonderful land, that had been long ago named White Russ. This is the land of thick forests, blue lakes, of simple landscapes leading to pensiveness. Friendly and kind-hearted people named Byelorussia's live here. They are an ancient Slavic nation with their own history, live style, with their own cultural heritage, having intertwined in it traditions of Belarusian national art with those of neighboring nations.

The national ensemble of the Belarus music and dance "Rey" faculty of national culture of the Belarus state pedagogical university of a name of M.Tanka carefully keeps and develops traditions of the Belarus national music and dance.

Music sound and dances of the people of the different nationalities living in Belarus are included in concert programs of collective.

Directors of the group "REY"
Lyudmila and Victor Vasilenia.