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Tours: 2.08 - 16.08.2010 The international Folk Dance Festival of Extremadura - Caceres - Spain

17.08 - 22.08.2010 The international Folk Dance Festival of Haguenau - France

Matusevicha str., 17-60,
220082, Minsk, Belarus
+375 (172) 55 90 04
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E-mail: group_rey@tut.by
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The group of Belarusian music and dance Rey of faculty of folk culture of Belarusian State Pedagogical University named by Maxim Tank has the honor to greet you and to offer consideration of possibility our co-operation with your organization.
The group was founded in 1996. The average age of artist is 20 years old. The group consists of students and teachers of faculty of ethnology and folklore studies. There are 3 parts: dance 6 pairs, instrumental group 7 men, vocal group 4 men.
There are Belarusian folk dances of different regions of our republic and brilliant instrumental items in the program of the group. There are folk songs based on folk melodies, typical for all Belarusian regions.
The group uses different classical and folk instruments: violin, woodwind, dulcimer, accordions, concertina, pipe, folk xylophone. In some instrumental plays the thing of mode of life: ancient iron, the washing board, and the elements of weaving looms are used. It has a good synthesis of modernity and antiquity.
It takes place the constant change of the costumes in the process of concert performance (the continuance may vary from 10-20 minutes to 2 hours).
All the artists can sing, dance and play the instruments at the same time; this is a part of a special education at the University. After graduation from the University our students work as teachers of the world art culture and, naturally, participate in folk festivals get acquainted with culture, architecture and art of different countries.
The group took part in folk festivals in Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and spectators of the festivals and organizers opinions were very positive.

Directors of the group REY
Lyudmila and Victor Vasilenia

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