Народный ансамбль музыки, танца и песни "РЭЙ"  

Tours: 2.08 - 16.08.2010 The international Folk Dance Festival of Extremadura - Caceres - Spain

17.08 - 22.08.2010 The international Folk Dance Festival of Haguenau - France

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P.A. System
Should be a stereo, 3 or more strip and to provide not less 110db not deformed sound on all area. Calculation of capacity 10 Вт on 1 place. The arrangement of cabinets should provide uniform scoring of all audience. On greater platforms necessarily to use lines of a delay and Front Fill.
Mixer desk (Soundcraft, Midas, Yamaha, A*H) not less than 16 channels. A minimum 3 AUX selections switched pre/post fader, 2 groups. Boards Mackie, Behringer, Tesla, Electronics and similar to not offer them. For successful carrying out of a concert the board should be in the middle of a hall, not under a balcony!!! Also are necessary a minimum of 1 processor of effects of type: TC M3000/2000, TC M-ONE XL/Yamaha SPX-990/Lexicon PCM 80, 90
1x Stereo 30 band the graphic equalizer included in break of the master of the board.
Dynamic processing:
1x CD Player for adjustment 1x MD
3 lines of monitors.
1x bass amplifier Ampeg SVT Pro/Trace Elliot/Mesa Boogie
(Shure): 2x Beta 52!, 5 x SM 81 (KSM 109), 2x SM 57, 4x SM 58, 13 microphones racks (6 short, 3 long).
A full set of switching for the aforesaid.
Power supply: the Pressure in an electric network should be not less 210e at full loading.
Attention!!! All equipment should be earthed!!!

Lighting (light)

the Adequate complete set for carrying out of a concert.
3x follow spot (guns) + The color filter + the explanatory operator.

Sound check:
Minimum for 4 (Four) hours prior to the beginning of a concert. Duration of adjustment of musicians not less than 2 (two) hours from the moment of arrival on a platform. By the moment of arrival of musicians all necessary equipment should be connected and ready to work. The sound producer should have access to all systems without any restrictions. For the period of adjustment in a hall there should not be spectators as well as extraneous persons not participating in service of the equipment, especially to carry out audio - video recording. Doors in auditorium should not open up to a command round-manager.